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Stuck in the studio.  It's winter in North Carolina.  Working on something new at Into The Sun Photography.  Digital art.  Let us know what you think!


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Macro Monday Macro Monday - an image sharing topic for Mondays in one of our photo groups.  This is one of our shares for this weeks macro Monday. Always practicing with our 100mm 2.8 macro lens.  It's a different way of thinking.  Often difficult to find macro subjects that are not flowers or bugs!!

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Graduation Season is Here! Can't believe it's almost June already!! We're happy to say we have been super busy with a variety of photography projects.  Sports, portraits, events, real estate and the project of the month is graduations!  Our weeks, well, especially weekends, are filled with graduation photography for the next several weeks.  It's so inspirational to see all the people, young and old, fulfilling their dreams.  Look forward to sharing soon from some other recent shoots.  

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Gearing up for another year of apartment and resort properties. Looking forward to experimenting with some new techniques producing interior and exterior commercial real estate photos.  Good software, technique and style and of course equipment all makes for not only a great photo shoot but also for great looking photos.  Click on the photo to view some more of our interior and exterior real estate photos.  Chime in and let us know what you think.  

Don't for get to check out

5DMkII, ISO400, F8, EF 16-35mm 1:2.8 L II USM, HDR. 

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Fitness Center We don't always get to work-out, but when we do, we like room, a lot of room.  Keeping with the HDR theme for interior commercial real estate photos.  Click on the photo to see other rooms and exteriors.


5DMKII, Ef 16-35mm1:2.8 L II USM

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Product Photography ... jewelry We have been working on some new projects.  Seems like we say that a lot but that's a good thing, right? One of the best things about photography is that you don't ever have to be bored.  There's always something new to learn.  We decided to photograph jewelry.  It's a great exercise in light, focus, perspective and composition.  There's a bit more to it than you might think.  Click on the beads to see a few more of our first attempts.  





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B-Boy We lost my brother B-boy unexpectedly and suddenly last night.  Such a shock.  Such a loss.  He was so much to so many.  The best brother, son, father, grandfather and friend anyone could ever have.  Family, that's what B-boy is all about.  You are gonna be so missed by so many.  The world is a better place because of you.  We love you B-boy. . .

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Kids, Kids, Kids, If you, or someone you know have any photography needs please contact us and find out how you can receive free digital files for your facebook. Prints are available on our website at   Couples, families, youth, sporting events, businesses, personal, real estate.  If you want to find out how you can receive free digital files, give us a call.  We are scheduling appointments now, Let us know if you are interested.  

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Textures We were walking on the beach and there was this feather.  The sun was hitting the sand just right so that it was creating all kinds of sparkling subtle color around the feather.  The textures - the sand and the feather, and then the foot prints, well, just a bonus.  The wind was blowing from the surf but the feather somehow stayed right where it was.  Such a simple subject . . .


Footsteps and a Feather



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Planning your weekend Three main ingredients that go into a good photo shoot are:  Availability, being available to your client's photography needs, being flexible and available will go a long way.  Willingness, be willing to do all it takes for your clients to get the job done, be willing to participate at every level.  And last, be Prepared, prepare for anything, you never know what 'mode' you're gonna be shooting in.  Availability, Willingness, and Prepared.  

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Scouting out Resort Properties and Hotels As we continue to learn how to produce virtual tours using 360 degree panoramas for hotels and resort properties throughout the Carolinas, we had the opportunity to go scout out some resort locations down in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  We are hoping to become more experienced doing business photos as well as continuing to learn studio and portraits for families and businesses.  Let us know what you think . . . are we on the right track?  Use the menu, click on the photos and have fun.  








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Blue Ridge Ranch You may have seen David's recent post about a horse photo shoot.  Each shoot has it's own special characteristics and horses are a whole 'nother animal!  We got acquainted with this friendly but somewhat humble horsey on our trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  He was quite cooperative actually --- as long as he could keep chewing on something -- grass, fence, whatever.  

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Using fill light for unwanted shadows... Even at high noon, flash can have it's advantages.  using a mono pod and camera bracket for some off camera flash for this portrait we were able to eliminate the harsh shadows on the subject.  

7D, ISO 100, f4, 1/250, aperture priority, 24x105mm at 55mm, with flash.  

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What's in your portrait ...we have found that time is the most important matter that goes into a portrait.  Not only the amount of time but more importantly the moment in time, when you see things the way they are.   Little kids are truly amazing, they are fascinated with everything.  Click on this photo and check out some other special moments by some very special people.    

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The Barn Sometimes we don't always see the confidence others "see" in us.  Do you see how they're looking at us?  As we keep practicing and building our portfolio for various types of businesses in the area, we have an opportunity to work with a local horse barn as we continue to build our new portfolio.  We met a couple of the new models this morning.  


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Interior and Exterior Real Estate Apartment Property If you ever wonder where the photo's for Apartment Guide comes from, well,  wonder no more.  This is one of the last projects we did this season.  We have been producing these for two years now and have learn so much from this type of photography and are looking forward to expanding our real estate photography service to the next level.  Click on the photo to check out the layout for this apartment.

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Hiking The Blue Ridge Karen and I have spent many hours hiking the trails in North Carolina to include one of our favorite's, Mountain to Sea Trail along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Hiking these trails can become a challenge at times especially when it comes to being in place and ready to go...a bear had just crossed our path so we need to be mindful when hiking and exploring in the more remote areas.  First time we seen a bear!  


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Color Control...high ISO By far the most colorful photo shoot we have been on.  When we got this assignment all kinds of things went through my mind, the energy was high, and you could feel the excitement all around.  We were shooting using camera settings I've never used before due to the amount of light, the constant movement of the runners, and the need for sharper focus for moving objects.  The fun part was the constant moving in and around the paths of thousands of participants, it was crazy.  And we learned a valuable lesson on 'how to keep your camera gear clean'!  haha.  


5dmkII, f8, 1/320, ISO1000, EF 70x200 2.8 @75mm

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Family Photo Sessions What a pleasure it was to meet and photograph the Stanley family.  They have the nicest kids, and they were all willing to sit in for a quick photo shoot. Thanks guys for taking a few minutes helping us to better understand 'off camera flash', it was great getting to know you.  People are so unique, like photos, everyone is different.  Thanks for helping out.  

7D, f/14, 1/250sec, ISO400, 24mm with flash.

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What about the Bees? Bees are a common subject but there are a couple of reasons for this photo, so please indulge us for just a moment.  Yeah, we recently got a macro lens and if you shoot flowers at all, well, bees are almost unavoidable. Summer's coming to an end here in Durham, North Carolina, so we're trying to catch the last of the summer flowers.  Also, our 6 year old grandson wrote at school this week that he wanted to be a bee remover.  Reminded me of the honey bees my uncle used to keep on his farm.  Been hearing reports of our bees disappearing due to pollution, pesticides, and so on.  A disturbing thought.  Amazing creatures they are.  

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Photography Prep for Puppy Photos... The Annual "Kids Dog Show" in Carrboro, NC., coming up this Saturday.  This year we are gonna use some off camera flash and have an area where we can stage up some posing for the participants.  This is always a good event for the Kids and pups to come together and show off their skills at various levels.   

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Duke Football. Practicing the Sunny f/16 rule, but sometimes that doesn't always work out so, we get to break a rule, hehe. Through a series of settings starting at f/16 and experimenting with various shutter speeds and ISO settings, this shot didn't work out to bad considering the sun was blasting directly over our head.  Processed in Lightroom 3.  Blue Devils off to a 3 - 0 start in the ACC.  

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Lights, camera, Pizza! As we continue to learn about what makes a good photo a really good photo several elements come to mind.  Lighting being the most important at this point.  Shadows, forground and background light, focus point and subject matter.   We are trying to go with a blurry background with a focus point on the middle of the pizza, the main subject.  What do you Think?

5dmkII, f/8, .7sec., ISO200, 70mm.

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A good salad is worth a thousand picture... At a recent doctor visit doc say's, ''David your blood sugar is looking pretty good, what you been eating?''  I jokingly said, "In 'N' Out Burgers", he gets all excited and says, ''what there is an In 'N' Out Burger here in Durham?''  I guess he was new to the area.  Lol.    

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Calling all Friends and Family Karen and I are constantly updating our portfolio and trying to improve and add to our style and technique.  We have been working on portraits using natural and artificial lighting.  Also, we have been putting a lot of time in with the new lenses.  Photos below are all, artificial light with a 100mm canon macro 2.8 lens.  It's a bit different but we are getting a good feel for this lens, it has a difficult learning curve.  So, we again will be doing some free photo shoots coming up, If you are interested please contact us as soon as possible.  We are hoping to do 3-5 family shoots coming up as soon as we complete our last Apartment shoots. Please feel free to contact us as soon as possible if you are interested.   Karen will be calling you.  

Lee's Summit Titans little league game (57)Lee's Summit Titans little league game (57)



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Sunflowers at Into The Sun Photography Seems like we've had a short summer this year.  Spent some time at the UNC Botanic Garden today during the noon hour.  The flowers are thriving after the recent rains.  




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Food for Thought We may have some new opportunities coming up in the way of business photos.  Currently we are preparing to be certified photographers for several agencies that will help our photography business.  But it's not gonna be easy, we still have much to learn when producing quality professional photos.  The food industry is becoming more demanding and if we can improve on our style we may be able to gain some more clients.  Let us know what you think.  This is our first real attempt at Food Photography.  


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Durham Lucky Strike Tower, American Tobacco Campus Into The Sun Photography's version of the Lucky Strike Tower in downtown Durham.  No self-respecting Durham photographer can avoid this shot - at least once.  


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No Work -- All Photo Play at Into The Sun Photography At Into The Sun Photography, we often have a hard time distinguishing between work and fun.  Our photography is our fun and our work!  Just ran across this image from a Durham, North Carolina Habitat For Humanity charity ride we were involved with last year.  We think it's a great depiction of how you can have fun and work at the same time.  Hope everyone here in the U.S. has a productive, fun and safe Labor Day weekend.



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Still Life Photography ~ HDR Mushrooms Really love the new lenses.  Feels good to have a good reason just to mess around a bit.  It's been raining a lot here in North Carolina.  Our yard has been filled with all different kinds of mushrooms.  I'm thinking of making an Into The Sun Photography photo calendar. 






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Photographer gets Photographed Welcome to our new blog and website.  We thought it was time to try something a little different.  At Into The Sun Photography, we've always got a new project in the works.  We've got some new equipment to go with our new website and we've been having a good time trying it out.  If you haven't met our number one photographer yet, this is your chance -- world, meet David LeBron.  David is what you call a "people person".  He loves people and portraits are a specialty of his.  Karen was able to catch David at the studio in Durham as we were loading up our gear.   I see you!!!!



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